Toddler Outfit Ideas - 6/3/1- Summer FUN

My Mommy was super nice and set up my Sponge Bob sprinkler AGAIN!!  Even though some wouldn't consider this an outfit, I definitely do.  I even asked Mommy if I could sleep in it because it's so cute!!  We bought this swimsuit at Fred Meyers right along with my Minnie Mouse swimsuit!  I keep begging my Mom to set up my swimming pool…. but she won't listen. :(  Geeze Mom, such a party pooper.

Toddler Outfit Ideas 5-25-14 - Spring Playtime

Top: Hand me down

Jeans: DKNY TJmaxx

Shoes: Target

Bow: Target

Mommy chose this really cute outfit for me today so I can play easily on my play set!  One of my favorite things about this outfit is my top because it's from my FAVORITE person in the whole world…. Do-Do!!  I also love my bow.  I ask Mommy to put bows in my hair everyday.  I think it finishes off the look… what do you think??

Toddler Outfit Ideas - 9/29/13 - Pink and Fluffy

Hi Friends!! Buggy here writing about a cold rainy day.  Mommy got me this really poofy new coat a Costco today and I love it!  It keeps me so warm and toasty.  These Ugg boots are also my favorite.  These are the only shoes I ever want to wear because they are so comfy!  What do you guys think of my cute rainy day outfit!  There is nothing like being comfy on a gloomy day like today!



Uggs - Walmart

Leggings - Carters

Coat - Costco

Toddler Outfit Ideas - 7/30/13 - Strawberry Fields Forever

My Mommy decided to get crafty on me and cut a pair of my pants into shorts today.  I like them a lot better this way! Especially for camping! I don't know why my Mommy dressed me up so cute to go camping.... She must really like fashion or something.  Silly Mommy, I played in the dirt and got really dirty so my outfit didn't look this good by the end of the day! :)  I had lots of fun on my first camping trip.  Watch what we did on my Mommy's vlogging channel!  

Top: Carter's outlet

Shorts: Cut Jeans from walmart

Socks: Carter's outlet

Bow: Target

Toddler Outfit Ideas - 7/18/13 - My Favorite Dress


My Mommy always tell me how much she loves this dress.  I do too!  Its super light and cool for the hot days.  These shoes are my favorite too... I always make my Mommy put these on, even over my jammies.  They make me feel like a big girl!  We are headed to the park now, Mommy even promised me an ice cream for doing so well with my pee-pee chart! 

dress: Target

Shoes: Old navy

Nail Polish: China Glaze For Audrey

Toddler Outfit Ideas - 7/17/13 - Flower Girl


Shoes: Walmart

Bow: Target

Bracelet: mikayloveinc

My mommy took me to bouncing off the walls again today! I LOVE that place.... it's so fun and I get to play with other little kids.  Except today, a little girl tried to take my car cart away.  Thats when Mommy made me go home because she said I was tired... I don't know what she was talking about... I just wanted my CAR CART!! 

Toddler Outfit Ideas - 7/16/13 - Just Peachy

Skirt: Fred Myers 

Shirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Walmart

Hair Flower: Target

Today Mommy and I went to the park to play!  We stopped at Starbucks too, and Mommy even got me my own Starbucks ice water!  I got really tired early though since I woke up so early this morning... so we had to leave so I could take a nap.  I really like this outfit because its so girly... I always like to show off my skirts and dresses to people when I wear them.   

Popsicle Happiness

Mommy gave me a popsicle today for eating all my din din.  I LOVE popsicles... but I can only eat them if I sit on the stairs outside because it drips all over me.  She got excited I guess and started snapping obscene amounts of pictures. What is it with this camera she carries around all the time!  It's like she is documenting my life or something! Crazy Mommy!!

Alaina POP 2.jpg

Toddler Outfit Ideas - 7/8/13 - Buggy in Blue


Shorts: Baby Gap

Top: Walmart (onesie cut to a tank top... you gotta be creative sometimes. hehe) 

Shoes: Walmart

Bow: Target


Mommy matches me from head to toe everyday.... and I always have to get my hair done too.  I usually brush my teeth while she puts my piggy tails in, I don't mind because I LOVE brushing my teeth! I have to have my matching bow too!  I really like this outfit because it's easy to play in and I don't have to act like a little lady.   I can get down and dirty! :D



It's been a good couple of days so I thought I would update you.

I went to Gramma and Grampa's yesterday

I love seeing Gramma Jan. 

3:30 pm - Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cereal, Num...THANKS GRAMMA!

4:00 pm - Honey Nut Cheerios... Num Num! My Gramma sure knows how to spoil me!

5:00 pm - Dance party with Grampa Raoul

6:00 pm - DINNER! but I wasn't really hungry

6:30 pm - Sponge Bob Juice. NUM NUM!  Gramma buys the best stuff at the store! 

7:00 pm - Puppy Book

7:30 pm - Daddy gave me bites of his ice cream! NUMMYI I LOVE DAAAADDY

8:00 pm - Gramma snuck me a chocolate covered COOKIE.  NUMMY!! NUMMY NUMMY!!!!! 

9:00 pm - I'M NOT TIRED.... IN FACT, I started vibrating so fast, I entered another DIMENSION!!! AHHH!!!! COOKIE.... ICE CREAM.... JUICE.... NUMMY NUMMY NUMMMMMMMMMMY

10:00 pm - ........................crash.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 8.20.39 PM.png

Things I did Today : )

I started out my day watching some Sponge Bob. I let Mommy use the controller Even though it's MINE!!!

I played with Appa for a bit, I even let him play with my ball, even though it's MINE!!! 

Daddy came home for lunch today and we played with me. He had a ham sandwich with cheese, MY CHEESE...MINE!

Mommy and I went to the store and bought a lot of stuff, unfortunately for her everything she bought was MINE!

When Daddy got off work we played outside. After Playing for awhile I was famished and needed a snack.....................MIINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MIINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MIINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!!MIINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MIINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MIINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!!

Dinner was really Yummy. 

I think the best best part of my day was playing with my ball. Do you have a ball? If you do it's MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!