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Shopping without spending!

Most of you know...I'm almost done with my month free of shopping!! (Feb 12th). But I still cant keep myself off the forever 21 website...and putting things in my cart that I "want" but cant buy! ha ha. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me?? Its like shopping..with out the actual spending! ha ha. These are a few things that are sitting there...haunting me...and TEMPTING me.
As far as not shopping... here is a little update. As you all's difficult! It's weird not being able to just purchase something you want...or should I say purchasing 6 things you want. You all know I have bought a few things here and there..that I NEEDED (I really did.) But its actually nice buying something that you need and being like "wow,I don't feel guilty at all buying this because I actually need it"...and I haven't gone out and purchased 16 other things similar that I just kind of want! Its also nice being able to really decide if I REALLY want something that I wont be able to find just anywhere. Rather than things that I think are cute...that I just kinda want...just to buy something. its really refreshing...and I'm loving it! I think as soon as Feb 12th comes around...I'm not going to go on a full out shopping binge.. but I might purchase a few things. As for saving, it does feel good. and buying things I not only want.. but I NEED feels so much less heavy on my shoulders.

Thanks for reading! xoxoxoxoxo