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Let Me Tell You A Story...

Okay, so I have been getting a little frustrated lately with the amount of comments I have been receiving about seeing me on a website for this that and the other thing..and they want to know if I am affiliated with the company.  Let me start by saying, I'm not frustrated with the people asking me, I'm just frustrated with the whole situation.. lol.  Let me explain what I'm talking about.


So, about 3 years ago or so... I was kind of getting into the freelace makeup thing in Portland Oregon.  I really liked it being that my passion is makeup, but sometimes when i would go to the shoots the photog would want to shoot me too.  Why not right??  It was fun, I got some photos for my portfolio and all I didn't think much of it.  I also didn't think I would be doing Youtube one day either and that this would affect it! haha.  So normally to be safe the photog will have you sign a release meaning he has the rights to do what he wants with the photo and that you are over 18 etc.  I didn't really care what my photo was used for at the time, and usually when i signed these things... nothing ever happened with the photo... so i signed away.  Well.. this photog happened to be really talented and well known... he had worked with celebs and famous models... which I didn't realize at the time.  Basically he was able to sell the photo for people to buy for websites etc. (Kind of like uncopyrighted music that people use for Youtube).  I guess people liked the photo and many companies DID use it! 


I am on the Aussie, Herbal Essence, Urban Cowgirl Makeup, Skin Bright, even a stripper website!!!  And a couple others that I don't really want to name... haha.  Sadly, I have no control over this. :( 


Anywho... I just wanted to let you all know that ANY website  you see my photo on is NOT IN ANY WAY affiliated with me, or my youtube what so ever!  I have no agreement with any companies for free product, promotion, or payment.  They simply are using a photo of me and that's it!!! So if you see anymore websites with me on it, you can go ahead and send me a little msg stating the website (I wouldn't mind knowing) But I prefer not having them in comments because then people tend to start wondering and asking. :) 

I hope this makes sense. 


So if there are any girls out there reading this blog that do want to pursue modeling, this is a good example of what can happen in the industry.  So really think about what you are doing when you are signing releases etc.  be very mindful of what you are doing!!  Dont let a photog take advantage of you at all, and don't be afraid to ask him questions... like what he will be doing with the photos etc!


This is one of the photos that I have been seeing EVERYWHERE just so you have an idea!!....


Or any in this style (green or purple top)...