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Winter Fashion Essentials for 2010-2011

Alot of people ask me what is going to be in for fall and winter!  Here is a little thing I put together on of some trends to look out for when shopping this season!!

1. Trench Coats

2. Sequins

3  Denim shorts with tights

4. Leather (look for a leather pencil skirt)

5. Fur (Think scarves and vests)

6. Combat Boots

7. Heeled lace up boots (ankle and booties)

8. Satchels (especially chained)

9. Animal Print (also look for animal print accessories... belts etc)

10. Tall socks (Layering socks with boots so you can see the socks peeking through the top!)

11. Colored tights (think jewel tones)

12.  Plum lips

13. Chains

14.  Leather blocking

15.  Sheer fabric blocking

16. Skinny cargos

17. Gold chunky accessories

18. Military inspirations

19. Blazers

20. Biker inspirations

21. Cape/Poncho Coats

22. Chunky Turtle Necks