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Birchbox 2

So i decided not to do a video again on this because i have been super busy with tons of other videos that i have been wanting to post.  BUT next time I might... depending on my status on vids. haha.  Here are some pictures of the things i received this time around!!  I love everything!  Although i have yet to try the blow leave in heat protectant! 


If you havent heard of Birchbox is a fun subscription you can get at  I am not affiliated with this company at all.. i just heard about it from another Youtuber and decided i wanted to be apart of the fun too.  its $10.00 a month and they send you over 4 (decent sized) samples a month to try!  I love it!  You can also rate the products to earn points... giving you the opportunity to buy a product in full size!!


I haven't got a chance to try this yet.  Bit it looks awesome.  How bad can a heat protectant be right?? haha


I haven't really got a chance to try this foundation yet because its a little dark for my skin.. but i think in the summer it will be a great match!!!  when i rubbed it on my hand i loved the consistency of it, and it looked like it had decent coverage.  If i do get a chance to try it i will definitely let you guys know what i think!


If you haven't head of this Stila Lip Gloss in Kitten, then you definitely have to check it out!!  Its one the products that Stila is known for!  Its the most perfect pinky bronze gloss that has just enough sparkle, glitter and color to look awesome over any lipstick!  Im loving it.  I love the consistency too.... if feels like it will stay on for a long time because its SLIGHTLY stick but still very smooth.  I hate extremely sticky lip glosses, but this is the perfect in-between so you don't have to worry about it coming off super fast!  Its also a GREAT sample size!  its almost as much as the regular size product which is awesome!


I LOVE this perfume!!  I actually have never heard of it before but its the perfect balance of young and mature.  Its not overly sweet... and its not overly floral and musky... but at the same time ANY age can wear it!!  Its very very versatile and i have not felt sick after putting it on (Which i did with some of the perfumes i got in my last birchbox)  This is a scent that i would definitely buy in full size.  Its a scent you can wear anytime at any age!








Thanks for reading!!


Carah Amelie