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"TOP" Model

     Before you read any further... remember this is MY opinion... and i thought it would be interesting to state it.  You dont have to agree, but i would like to hear what you have to say on this subject! :)

     Being that America's Next Top Model is one of my favorite shows on television.. I decided I have a little something to say regarding last night's finale episode.

     Don't get me wrong Tyra Banks has a skill when it comes to picking out a model.... a lot of times i would never look twice at someone...but the moment a picture is taken they look stunning.  Anne (the winner) is a perfect example of this.  However... I feel like Tyra is missing the definition of "TOP" Model.  Don't get me wrong... I'm not here to hate and bash.. I'm just trying to be honest.  Anne does take very pretty photos, and I think she is a great high fashion PHOTO model.... but since when is a top model unable to walk down a runway, shoot a commercial, or even do an interview??....Anne needed SO much work in everything...except taking a picture which to me isn't TOP model standards.

     Let me start by pointing out the obvious.  Tyra Banks, Giselle, Naomi Campbell, Jemma Ward...etc... are HOT.  They are hot to men and women, they have amazing walks, they can be high fashion, or commercial, they can do commercials, they can interview... they are basically every designers dream.  That's why they are top models. 

     My husband brought this up to me actually.  He is the one that said.... "Jane is the only one that should win the competition because she is the only one with a very STRONG GORGEOUS face that not only Women love but Men love too"  Yeah yeah, I argued saying "well modeling isn't just about being drop dead gorgeous... its about being slightly awkward and ugly pretty...(as Tyra would say)"  And he said "Yeah... if you are talking about a model that does one spread in vogue and a couple catwalks here and there"  It got me thinking... and yes... he is completely right.  There is a reason why Tyra, Naomi Campbell, and Giselle are "TOP models"  They are all around sexy hot girls that can do EVERYHING they are asked. lol.  And thats why people are drawn to them (designers, mags, and people)... because they are extrememly attractive all around talented people... which sent them to the top.  Also... Look at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.... How many Top Models did you see there.... Like every single one, and there is a reason for that. haha

     ALSO.... they cut Jane for not having a personality.... UMMMMM..... please explain to me where Anne's personality WOWS people.  Not saying she has a horrible personality... but hers lacks just as much as Jane's.... not to mention Jane can walk, do commercials, do men's mags, fashion mags, commercials, and interviews. lol.  THAT to me is a top model standard... not "oh look..... she takes good pics but that's it...." 

     All I am saying is... When you are looking at a top model... there is a lot more to it than taking pictures... and Tyra says it ALL THE TIME.  Why would she choose someone that can only take good photos.  I mean common Tyra... you saw the walk......  I am not a designer.. but if i was i wouldn't want Anne on my runway. >_< I'm not trying to be rude... but i wouldn't call her back.

     Then there is the whole argument of broadening the definition of "pretty" which i know Tyra wants to do.  I understand that.  I think Anne is Pretty in her own way! But at the same time, we are talking about a modeling competition here... and whether or not a girl can get hired in all aspects of modeling.  That IS what modeling is about... right... especially in a TOP model competition.

     But with all this said.  Anne does take Amazing photos, and im not trying to hate on her.  I think her career can be good and that she deserves a chance and a contract... but maybe just a little bit of practice first! but as far as winning the competition... Not so much.  It left me very annoyed with the show.... OBVIOUSLY it was for the ratings!


Okay.... Venting over :)


I hope I didnt sound to harsh.. i was just stating my thoughts and OPINIONS. haha