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Christmas Gifts!

So I debated on whether I wanted to make a video on this or not.  I know there is a lot of controversy with "Christmas Hauls"  which I don't really understand why... so I thought I would give you a rundown here! :)  These are the beauty and fashion related things I got for Christmas from my Parents and Husband! :)  I have the best most giving family anyone could ask for and I couldn't be luckier!  Christmas is my favorite time of year because i have the best family to spend it with! There will be Christmas Day outfit pics up soon!! hopefully today!! :) 


I wanted this Ed Hardy Purfume forever.  I HATE the brand... but I LOVE this scent! haha.  Its a very sweet scent but its not too over the top!  It kinda reminds me of how Viva La Juicy is the perfect balance between sweet and mature!



Brush Belt! I needed this so bad.  I usually use a brush roll when I work on clients... but I realized I am the type that needs a belt.  I am one of the messiest makeup artists on the planet lol.  (NOT unsanitary, just messy... haha)  I think its the artist in me. Plus I hate taking up my whole work space with a brush roll so I thought this would be much better for me! :)



I wanted a pair of these so bad.  Especially for the spring/summer seasons! Super Comfy and cute, and great work shoes! :) 



So, if you fallow my website fairly well, then you have seen these before!  I DIDN'T think Travis would buy me these ever! lol.  It was one of those things that you think... "that would be really cool if i got those, but its not going to happen.. oh well"  lol.  He was super sneaky about it too!  I was so surprised and happy!  I never ever buy expensive shoes... so it was a nice gift for me!  These shoes are by ASH and they are the heeled sneakers.  They are super hard to come by... but i know has the flat ones... (the virgin sneaker)



This is my Mom's FAVE perfume, so she got me a mini roll on one to try! I love it too... Its more of a mature scent, but a really good one! I love it!



My hubby likes to get me some bath stuff every year, so he picked this up at the body shop.  Its a cranberry scent... and smells SOOOOOO good.  OMG, I'm in love with it!



 My Dad got me this ring from Sundance (I think)!  He is a great jewelry picker outer.... lol.  He knows i like gaudy unique pieces!  This is a little small though and i need to get it stretched slightly!



 This necklace is so pretty! My hubby got it at World Market and its a long statement necklace! My fave!  This pic doesn't do the necklace justice, but lets just say he knows me well! :)  You will see it in future outfit posts! :)



Travis and his new Paint ball Gun. :)  He is so excited to use it!  My brother is big on paint balling... so I think he found his new hobby.... lol


Thanks for reading! I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

Carah Amelie