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Being Quiet!

I don't know about anyone else... but WHY is it that being a "quiet" person such a bad thing?? I have always been a quiet person. Naturally i am just on the shy side, and I am a listener rather than a talker. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with that at all. But for some reason its a big deal to everyone else. Its always been a huge annoyance...or "pet peeve" for me. I hate hearing... "Carah, why are you so quiet!" "Jeez Carah, are you bored?" or "That's the most I have heard Carah talk in a long time!"... Seriously... SO annoying. I'm NOT a crazy center of attention..please-listen-to-my-amazing-story type of person. You would never say to someone... "Jeez, why are you so loud and obnoxious" or "wow, that's the first time you have shut up in a long time!!"
I guess that's why shy people think they have such a personality flaw. I have always felt dumb for being quiet.. because people make such a big deal out of it. I LOVE having conversations, and i like talking to people. But when I'm in HUGE groups... i sit back, and observe my surroundings... I DON'T understand what is wrong with that.
I don't know, maybe it makes people feel uncomfortable. I am NOT judgemental AT ALL... i would consider myself the least judgemental person I know. Maybe its because i hate being judged myself. I'm not really sure.
I guess I'm just tired of feeling judged for being the person that I am. I AM judged because people say things about it all the time. This has always been an issue that has bugged the crap out of me.... ALWAYS. Even other quiet people call me quiet. What is the big freakin deal. I always open up to people that i feel comfortable around and i talk alot and make a fool out of myself! lol. Maybe the reason I don't open up to you is because I DON'T feel comfortable around you! We could always take you into consideration... maybe YOUR personality doesn't do anything for ME. but I'm not sitting here judging you about it.
I guess i just needed to vent. let me know if anyone knows how i feel... i am sure more people feel this way than i think.
anyways... thanks for listening.... and sorry about the bad grammar... like i said... it was venting!! haha ^_~
Carah Amelie