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Summer Playlist

I dont know about you guys, but for some reason in the summer I get this giant urge to turn up my music, roll down my windows, and let the sun shine in!! I don't know why but I tend to LOVE music in the summer more than anytime of the year... haha. There is something about it that makes me so happy, and with the hot weather...I could NOT be happier. Here is the list of songs I love that are perfect for HOT summer days... DOWNLOAD THEM ALL you will enjoy them trust me!! :)

Eve 6- Showerhead
Muse- Hyseria
The Shins- Sea Legs
Sublime- Santeria
The Yeah Yeah Yeah's- Gold Lion
Paramore- Crush
Motion City Soundtrack- Everything is alright
Jason Mraz- Make it Mine
The Matches- Chain Me Free
Halifax- Anthem for Tonight
Grits- My Life me Like
Avenged Sevenfold- Unholy Confessions
Duffy- Delayed Devotion
The Black Keys- 10 AM Acousitc
Amos Lee- Seen it all Before
Morrissy- First of the Gang to Die
The Faint- Take me to the Hospital
The Knife- Heartbeats

What are your MUST have songs for this summer?!?! Write them in the comments, I woulde love to hear them!!


Carah Amelie