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HAUL...For my blog readers EYES ONLY!

So I decided I would treat my blog readers to a special little haul blog because I wanted to show you how much I appriciate your support on my blog!! Has anyone else tried these products?? Thanks for reading beautifuls!

Okay, so the other day I was walking through Wally World (walmart) and I decided I wanted to give myself a mani... but I was sick of all the colors I had. SO... I decided to purchase some cheap polishes just for fun. These were the two I picked out and im obsessed!! they were $2.00s and I am in love. Its the Brand ICE in "spit fire" and "risk taker" I put the glittery spit fire over the top of risk taker and its beyond amazing... its my new fave combo!!!

I got one of the new maybelline eyestudio liners in purple because i LOVE purple eye makeup! it compliments almost any skintone!! the only thing im a little usnure about is the darkness. i havent used it on my eyes yet... but it will be interesting. I will let you know how I like it.

Not alot of people know... but I did buy 2 things from the MAC to the beach collection. I didnt haul it i said it was 2 things. haha. But I was very excited about this line. They only thing i hate is the packaging.. i was a liitle bit dissapointed seeing the baby poop green containers... but I love the colors inside! haha. I got the blush in hipness and the lipstick in Thrills. My husband was obsessing over the lipstick. I wore it outside, and he said it looked like a sunset on my lips... it has alot of gold reflux! i love it!

This lipstick has been mentioned on Youtube multiple times... with great things said... so I had to pick it up!! Im not usually a nude lipstick wearer... but this is great because its a cool toned nude, and looks great with any lip gloss over the top. And like everyone knows... i LOVE Revlon lippies.... couldnt be more in love!

So i found these amazing shoes at Target for about $25.00 I think. I saw them about 2 weeks back tried them on and wanted them but passed because they were a little bit uncomfortable next to the pinky toe... but I went back 2 weeks later, and tried on an 8 1/2 which is one size bigger than what I usually wear.. and they were so much better and fit perfectly!! :) they had them in black too!! love them!!

Carah Amelie