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Art Journal Completed!!

Hey ladies!! So i started this blog to not only talk about Beauty and fashion... but to also talk about my life... and other aspects of it!! So I hope you dont mind these random posts! haha. As some of you know... if you have fallowed my blog for a while... know i LOVE art journaling. Its just a fun way for us creative artistic people to do art on a very low pressure scale. I love art journaling because i am allowed to make the ugliest most random art ever, and it doesnt even matter. In an old blog post i posted some other photos of some entries I did, but its extra special this time because i finnished my FIRST one!! yay! haha. Now i get to start fresh with a new journal with clean white pages! haha.

If you are interested in starting an art journal...check out youtube, there are alot of videos to help you get started!! some things you might want to purchase is...
-Gesso to prime your pages
-any kind of notebook (molskine is my fave) try barnes and noble or borders
-Acrylic paints
-water soluable crayons
-and of course anything else that tickles your fancy in michaels.. lol

Good art journal Youtubers:
-suziblutube (the art journal queen)

Let me know if you like to see these kinds of posts sometimes.. or if you would prefer i stick with beauty and fashion!

New Journal!! Ready to be ripped, painted, stapled, taped, and colored!! :) YAY

Finally, My art journal is completed... this has been a work in progress for almost 3years!! time to start fresh!!