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OMG Free Product...

Okay, so... i just wanted to address this really quick because i know alot of people have questions about it, and i know some people DON'T like the idea all together. This blog is specifically for my YouTube subscribers and viewers. Being a beauty guru on YouTube comes with the territory of receiving free product... which is awesome, cool, and fun... I'm not going to lie. BUT... alot of people that watch beauty gurus on a regular basis sometimes feel like they are being lied to because they think...why NOT do a good review if you get a bunch of free stuff!

Okay... The answer to this is NO... i personally DON'T lie to any of you guys about the products i receive free of charge...and i DO 100% honest reviews. Yeah yeah... you hear this all the time. There isn't really any way to prove this i guess. But let me just say a few things.

I ALWAYS tell the company that contacted me that A. I review 100% honestly B. I will NOT do a review if i don't like your products AT ALL..and i will send the products back if requested. C. There might not be a video up for a while because i like to COMPLETELY test the product out and get a full idea of how i like it before i talk about it on my channel OR if i want to talk about it on my channel at all. and D. I always ask if they are willing to do giveaways or anything of that nature for my subbies!

Also, I say NO to WAYYYYY more companies than i say yes to...and i say no before i even get stuff sent!! If People send me products i dont like i tell them i don't like them and i don't want to do the review... even though i feel bad sometimes. haha. I would never sell something like multi-colored hair extensions or acne cream to you guys because for 1 i would NEVER wear multi-colored extensions in my hair... and i don't struggle with acne. ha ha. I think you get the picture!! :)

So i just wanted to mention those few things... just to clear up any questions or concerns. You guys mean ALOT to me, and i would never lie to you... just to get free stuff. Free stuff really isn't that important to me! But i think its cool for you guys to learn about new cool products that i like... that YOU might like too!! That's what the beauty community is for right??

Thanks for reading

Alright... so with that said... i gotta go to work. I'M going to be late!! ha ha