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Vemomous Villians!

OK so, I know I'm a little late on this..... BUT OMG, I have been doing research on this line for quite sometime and I'm just stoked beyond belief! haha. I am a Disney lover through thick and thin. I'm pretty much obsessed with all things Disneyland, and my favorite vacation spot IS Disneyland. When i found out they were doing this line, I knew i would buy alot from it! But I'm not too keen on the packaging I must say. To me it looks a kind of... little kiddish. lol. Something that you would see at walmart in the kids makeup section or something. I think they could have done something MUCH more creative and dark with the I was a little disappointed about that. :( But the names are great, and so excited to see the actual colors in person.

I cant wait to see a Disney Princess collection in the future lol... who is with me on that? But lets up the packaging, and make it more GLAM! I can only imagine a pink blush in "loves me, loves me not" or a a shadow palette in "beauty and the crease" LOL just kidding... but seriously. ;)

Lets hear YOUR thoughts! :)

Carah Amelie