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Meet my Doggie! Appa Honoo

So, If you follow me on twitter you know me and my husband got a dog. You also know I have never every in my life been a dog person... and was always SCARED of dogs. I remember my first dog was a black lab, and still a puppy, and I was scared to death of that thing. My parents finally had to get rid of him because I wouldn't go outside. I feel kinda bad now.... my brother could never have a dog because of me.... but you cant help your fears right?! haha. So when my husband said he REALLLLLLY wanted a dog, I was hesitant!! BUT being married you do have to compromise...and because it was important to him, I thought I would see how it worked!

So far so good. He is a good dog, not too hyper which i HATE!!! He doesn't jump up on your or anything. He is 2 years old and a Australian Shepherd and retriever mix. We named him Appa after the flying buffalo on "Avatar the Last Airbender"...and Honoo for this middle name which means "flame" in japanese! We tend to like Asian names... (hence our cats...Yuki Lapoof and Jubei I just hope my cats get used to him. I love my cats more than anything in the whole world, and i really don't want them to be sad or scared. I have heard of cats getting on anti depressants... poor little things! One of my cats is doing OK, but the other one is scared to death. lol. :(

Anyways, Wish me luck!!

Looks like Appa and Yuki are already comfortable! :)

Carah Amelie