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My Wish List - Minnetonka

So my Mom gave me this fun idea for a new blog series.  Me, My Cousin and My Mom were at Nordstrom and I tried on these boots.  I decided not to buy them... but I wanted them SO badly.  haha.  They are going to be on my mental wish list... and someday soon I hope to have them! :)  That's where my Mom came up with the idea to do a "My Wish List Blog" every once in a while!  This way you guys can see some things that I am loving at the moment.... and maybe give you some ideas on what to look for! :) 

These were the boots that I tried on at Nordstrom.  I have actually wanted these for a long time.  I have a client that came in to get her hair done wearing the cognac onces.  She paired them with black leggings and a floral top... it was SO CUTE!  Ever since then... they have kind of been on my mind.  So with that said... they are definitely on my wish list! :)  I don't know, do you guys like black or cognac.  I'm thinking the cognac ones are calling my name.  I definitely like these better than Uggs!  What do you guys think?

They come in multiple styles.  I like the 3 layer ones.  Now that I am doing some research though... Im kind of liking the black now.  hahaha... I hate these kind of decisions!  I need to take a vote.... BLACK or COGNAC??

mennotonka black.jpg
lauren Meno.bmp

Thanks for reading!


Carah Amelie