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Wish List - Tory Burch Wedge

Recently I have become a huge fan of Tory Burch shoes because they are so classy and chic!  As alot of you know, I am NOT the type to spend alot of money on anything.  Literally... I am the biggest bargain girl you will ever meet.  BUT... there is a rare occasion when I will splurge and shoes are that rare occasion.  It's important to have COMFORT when it comes to shoes, especially in heels.  I have yet to own a pair of heels that are SO comfortable and I can wear anywhere for long periods of time.  I feel with these I could wear them with almost anything and look super chic and cute.  I think it's worth it to spend alot of money if you are going to wear something alot!  But, if you know me... you also know that I have a horrible time deciding on colors (hence the minnotonkas from an earlier post!)  It's like I psych myself out since they are so spendy... and I have to make sure I'm making the RIGHT choice! haha.  I wear alot of gold, so I'm leaning towards the black leather with gold detailing.  I also like the leather with the black leather detailing because they are more simple... but I kind of feel like they look a little too mature for me.  I'm also a big fan of bronze things because they tend to go with ALOT.  There is also the choice of peep toe or closed toe... and leather or suede!  So many choices! haha!! Here are a few photos I found. 

What are your thoughts on these Tori Burch shoes?? If you own a pair, what color do you own??  If you don't.... What color would you like to own?? Peep toe or closed, leather or suede!  THOUGHTS! haha



Carah Amelie