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Center Part!

So, yesterday was a pretty chill day.  I decided to surf Netficks and ended up watching "Beauty and the Briefcase". 


Yes, random I know.... but Hilary Duff movies are a guilty pleasure of mine.  Anyway... Hilary's look in this movie was SO cute.  I wanted to try to recreate something similar.  I couldn't figure out why I liked the look so much.... until I noticed her center part.  I NEVER do a center part on my hair.... mostly because I feel like I have a large forehead... and 2... my bangs usually aren't long enough.  But I decided to change up my look today and try it out!  This is going to take me a while to get used to... I feel like I look SO different and I haven't decided if it's in a good way.  But I wanted to challenge myself to change up my look a little bit.  What do you think?!


Thanks for reading!


Carah Amelie