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My Wish List - Definicils and Kitten

So, a few days ago me and Alaina went to visit my mom.... and randomly decided to spend the night there.  I didn't back a thing... no makeup or hair stuff or clothes!  The next morning I had to put my makeup on with my Moms collection (which isn't hard... she has a ton! lol)  This was so much fun because I got to try out things that I never have before!  Thanks to my Mom... here are a few things that I am totally wanting now!!

I am very picky about mascaras as alot of you know!  It has to be super black, volumizing, not clumpy.... and again super black! haha.   My Mom has been buying Lancome Definicils mascara for as long as I can remember, so I decided to try it out, and I LOVED it!! It made my lashes voluminous without being clumpy, and it was nice and black just how I liked it!  I'm not the type to buy high end mascaras because I feel like you can get something just as good for alot cheaper from the drugstore.  But this might be an exception!  Even if I don't buy it all the time, a little treat here and there might be kind of nice! :) 

definicils mascara.jpg

This next product is a very popular one.  You know how some products get talked up so much, and then you try them out and you aren't all that impressed.  That is how I thought this was going to be.  I just thought it would be another shimmery champagne shadow.  Plus I am not a huge fan of Stila shadows.  My mom had a Stila palette that she picked up at IMATS this year and it had the oh so famous "kitten" eye shadow in it.  When i put it on, I didn't realize it was "kitten".  I put it as my lid color AND my highlight and it was BEAUTIFUL!!  I had to know what the color was, so I looked on the back and sure enough it was "kitten".  People are right, It's a great color!  This is definitely on my wish list as well!


Thanks for reading!! Have a glamorous day!

Carah Amelie