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Joys of the Holidays

Here are a few of my favorite things....


Who doesn't love a nice winter  scent burning in their house this time of year! I think I have gone through at least 4 candles already this holiday season.  I always have a candle burning... its a guilty pleasure of mine.  This one is delish... and almost gone!! I'm going to have to go on another candle run soon! :)


 I find that gaudy jewelry is the way to go this time of year.  I have to say my new favorite accessory right now is this big chunky gold watch from Macy's that my husband got for me!  Its the brand style and Co. and I absolutely love it!! It's not too big... but it still has that chunky feel that is super in right now.  Gold is also a very in color for jewelry.  I would definitely look into picking up a similar item this year! :)  Or at least put it on your holiday wish list! :)


Christmas tree ornaments are something really special to me and my husband.  He said one of his favorite parts about Christmas time is decorating the tree!  How cute right! :)  One of our traditions is getting each other an ornament for the tree every year.  This year he got me this one.  It says "Like mother like daughter"  How perfect! :)  I got him a hot dog...... inside joke. LOL.  We are also going to start getting one for Alaina every year as well.  This year of course was a "Baby's first Christmas" ornament!  :) 


Here is an overall picture of our tree! :)  Its starting to get really filled up. 


Another favorite of mine right now is plum lipstick!! I'm in love with it!!  I went to my company holiday party and threw on some bright red lipstick.  It just didn't feel right!  I took it off and put on a beautiful wine color and it was perfect!! It makes you feel sultry and sexy.... and confident!  These are a few of my fave colors:  Revlon: Wine Not  Revlon: Grape Maybelline: Bit of Berry


 This is the purse you all saw in my Baghaus giveaway.  I knew I would love this purse when I picked it out... but i didn't know I would love it THIS MUCH.  It seriously goes with EVERY single outfit that I have worn this winter.  I have yet to stumble on something it doesn't.  This is the Melie Bianco Alyssa bag in Gray.  I cant tell you how amazing this bag is.  You will be seeing it in A LOT of outfit posts in the future.  I wear it almost everyday.

What are some of your favorite things this holiday season?!  Any signature scents?  Any favorite makeup products?! 


Carah Amelie