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Valentines Day Surprise!










So as some of you may know.. I wasn't planning on getting anything from the Wonder Woman collection.  Not that it didn't look fun and unique... but just thought I would skip one.  That was until my hubby (who is the sweetest person in the world btw)  picked me up some of the collection for V-day!  It was the perfect gift from him since he LOVES comic books... so when he saw it he knew he HAD to get it for me.  He picked up the purple shadow palette because he knew I loved wearing purple eye shadows (cute i know! lol)  And he got me the red lipstick because he thought that was very "wonder woman-esque" and he figured I had plenty of nudes! haha... I love hearing their reasoning behind these things.  :)  Then he surprised me with the purple mascara...which I'm not going to lie, caught me off guard, but he thought it looked really interesting, and thought i could do a "look" with it for you guys!  hehe.  I love him.... he is the cutest.  As far as his gift goes... I got him a new wedding ring, somehow he lost his other one... :(  we cant figure out where it  So far its been a great v-day, and we have dinner planned later.  It worked out perfectly because his boss gave him today off....just because he has been working really hard lately. 

I hope you guys are having a super fun v-day!  The only down side to today is the CRAZY weather.  its SOOOOOO freakin windy its unbelievable...and annoying. haha. I don't know how cute im going to be able to dress tonight since its so cold :(.  but oh well.. i will try to do an outfit post anyways :)



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