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Birchbox #4 (I think)

If I remember correctly, this is my 4th birchbox that I have received!  This one was awesome and I am super happy with the stuff I received!!  If you are unfamiliar with birchbox, its a monthly subscription that costs 10.00 a month and you receive 4-5 luxury size samples to try.  The awesome thing about this site is you can rate the products through a survey to earn points to be able to purchase FULL size products of the things you love!  Im almost up to the amount of points I need to purchase something I really love!  So excited!  Here are some photos of what I recieved! 



I am very excited to try this cleanser out.  It smells really good, and you can tell the beads are very exfoliating and the texture is a little on the sticky side.  it just feels like it would get your skin SUPER smooth and clean.  And the tube is HUGE for being a sample! 


 I was super excited for this.  And being that ILOVE  big giant wands... this definitely looks like a mascara for me.  and its the perfect size to carry in your purse!  I remember all through beauty school I carried around a small clinique mascara tester and loved it and used it all the time!  its good to freshen up your lashes mid day if they are looking straight and not as black as before! :)


This is actually something I was least excited for when I opened up my birchbox.  I'm not really the type to get really excited for skin care products as I am with makeup..... BUT Iwas SOOOOO surprised how much I LOVE this moisturizer!  I used it last night on my face and its so smooth and silky and smells amazing.  I LOVE citrus scents, and this is definitely that.  It reminds me of sexy peel soap from lush which is my all time fave lush scent.  I gotta say, I'm not the type to splurge on skin care... but this might be something I spend my points on!!


SOOO excited when i get NARS products in my birchbox.  I love this and I'm super excited to experiment with it because I havent tried one of their illuminators before.  as you can see under the dot of product... I rubbed some in so your could see how it looked blended out!  It's a super pretty color and perfect for spring and summer when you are looking for that dewy look!


 Not going to lie, this was super random to see in my box. haha.  And to be honest they arent that good.  but hey, maybe Iwill throw them in my pruse when Ineed that chocolate pick me up. hahaha


Thanks for reading!!  Definitely check out if you havent yet! It's so much fun!


Carah Amelie

(im not affiliated with birchbox AT ALL... I just really like the site!)