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BIG Announcement!

So, alot of you are probably wondering what this BIG announcement is!! So instead of dragging you on and on, let me just get to it.... haha


Me and Travis are expecting a BABY!!!


Yes, you read right!! Some of you have actually guessed it and asked me on twitter due to all of my craving food posts, and feeling sick posts. :)  But like they say you should always keep quiet for a while due to problems that might occur etc.  Let me tell you, its been SOOOOOO hard for me to keep my mouth shut!  Its such an exciting thing, and not being able to tell you has been brutal! haha. 

We actually found out the day after Christmas!  Which seems like FOREVER ago! It was a nice little Christmas gift I must say! :)  I am officially 13 weeks, and still not showing! lol.  I'm not sure what is normal when it comes to showing... but its pretty weird going on 3 months, knowing I'm preggers, and still not seeing a belly!  We heard the heartbeat about a month ago which was amazing!  It definitely made it more real... because to be honest, it's a very surreal experience, being that it's out first!  We get to find out the sex on the first of April!! (Yes April Fools..this could be bad. haha)  I will film all of it don't worry! I am due August 29th which seems like a LONG time from now, and lucky me gets to be HUGE during the HOTTEST time of the year. haha.  But I'm not complaining, i feel like it will be alot easier to dress a pregnant body in the summer than in the winter....AND my baby gets to have fun summer time birthdays! haha. I also haven't had TOO much sickness which is really nice with my job and everything.  I only get sick at night around dinner time and on, but in the morning and during the day I have been perfectly fine.   Which is a blessing... doing hair all day sick does not sound fun to me.  I have also been SOOO tired.  Being pregnant sucks all of your energy!  But luckily my energy has slowly been coming back which has been nice.  :)

Now, you are probably wondering how this will change Youtube etc.  I know alot of you LOVE my outfit posts and outfit ideas videos which I totally understand.  BUT, there might not be as many as there has been in the past.  I don't know how hard its going to be to dress my body, or how many maternity clothes I'm going to have to switch things up... but I will try my best to get outfit ideas videos up even with my growing belly! haha.  But please stick by me, I promise to get right back into lots of fashion stuff right after I give birth! :)  Also as far a hauling.... there probably wont be as much, but I will still haul here and there.  I will have to buy some new clothes to fit me! :)  If you go back to my most recent haul video you will notice that everything I bought is flowy, big, and pregnancy friendly... which I didnt mention at the time. :) Also, if you finished my big announcement video... you heard that I will be at IMATS, which means I will be about 7 months?  So you will all see me nice a preggers! hehe. 

As far as updates and stuff.  I will not be posting pregnancy vlogs on my beauty channel, thats partly why I wanted to create a vlog channel so you could get updates there.  You will also get alot of updates here!  I want to keep my beauty channel strictly beauty and my vlog channel for other things.  Thats partly why I sent you here to get the news! :)

Me and Travis couldn't be more excited!  Its such a fun exciting experience, and its already been a journey! I would love to hear some feedback from you guys what to expect, or what pregnancy and being a mom is like for you! :) 

Thank you all so much for the support!  I have the best subbies ever, and I cant wait to share this experience with you all!


Carah Amelie