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Carah's Day in Photos - 2.8.2011

   So, Recently I just checked out Queen Beeuty's "my life in photos" blog, and I LOVE IT!  its such a great idea, and for some reason I find it super fun to look at!  I thought every once in a while I would do it myself! What do you guys think? Sound like a fun Idea??  I used my Iphone to take the photos because its easier to carry around instead of my huge cannon!  Sorry about that... :)  Hope you don't mind!   

1) Just me, heading out for the day to run some errands!  


2) Decided to take the Apps with me today.  He has been lonely since Daddy has been gone... so I need to give him extra attention... and he loves driving in the car with me on my errands! 


3)  At the store!  Had to pick up some things that I forgot yesterday.... PLUS, I watched Ahahnbarbie's truffle video, and I thought it would make the perfect welcome home surprise for Travis... :)


 4) Driving home! this is what i see everyday driving home from work. :P


5) Truffle time!!! Like Hahn said.... it is REALLY messy to make.  I look like I am a clean cook from this photo... but im DEFINITELY NOT! haha. 



  6) Finished Product!!!! So delicious and easy!! I definitely recommend this recipe to anyone!  I will put the link to her video at the bottom of this post!  I think this is going to be my holiday secret recipe for my family get together.... because I am definitely NOT a cook... and this recipe makes it look like I am! haha


6) Clean Brushes!  I have been forgetting to do this EVERY SINGLE day and it needed to be done super bad!! i love the feeling of clean brushes!  And from this photo... i would say makeup brushes is the last thing I need to be buying right now. haha


 -----> Truffle Video <-----

Thanks for reading! have a fabulous day!


Carah Amelie