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Here is a a little special haul for my blog/website followers!  thanks for all the support guys, it means alot to me that you check out my site and give input and feedback!  You guys are the best, and I want to thank you with a little haul.  I know alot of people like my haul videos... so this is just a little somthin for my blog! enjoy!!!

I went to Target today to pick up a baby gift for one of my hubby's friends at work.  I don't think I have ever had my focus on BABIES more than any other time in my life! Not just with me... but I know SO many people having babies, and it seems like I have spent a ton of time in the baby dept. lately! lol.  Target is one of those dangerous places for us compulsive shoppers.  Its like you go there to pick up one thing... but you can help looking at all the jewelry, scarves, makeup, shoes, clothes, sunglass.......etc. The list goes on!! lol.  Here are a few things that I picked up!


I though this was super interesting.... almost "mod".  I would wear this with a plain black elegant shirt, that is either cut high on the neck.... or a really deep v-neck! I love this necklace, and it always feels good to find a gem like this!



How much do you LOVE these earings?!?!  I love the vintage feel they have going on.  I could just picture these  with a pretty olive green or yellow scarf, dark skinnies, a white baggy t-shirt, and the gold sandals pictured below! :)



These shoes are amazing because they have a little tiny heel!  I love sandals in the spring and summer, and the thing I love most about these is the color.  This color goes with ANYTHING.  its a soft golden tan with a little bit of shimmer!  I have a feeling I will wear them ALOT this summer!


I have to admit, I was getting a little tired of the scarves I had... so it was time to pick up a new one.  This one is simple but different!  I can put it with a plain simple outfit and totally give it something extra with this scarf!  I could just picture the outfit with a pair of funky earings to go along with it as well!


 thanks for reading!!


Carah Amelie