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So... I totally didn't think I would tell my followers what my baby names were until we knew the sex and we KNEW that's what the baby was going to be named.  There is a fine line when it comes to commenting on peoples baby names, and its always been a huge pet peeve of mine when people say things like....

"Oh cute I like Carter.... like Carter the Farter..." (no we arent naming our son Carter..just an ex)


"I knew a girl with that name but she was a total SLUT!" 


"hmmmmm... that's different....haha..........yeah...............neat" lol. 

Even if its not my still bugs me.   BUT I CANT HELP IT,  I really feel like I want to share. :)  Travis was reallllllly extremely picky about boy names.  All the ones I mentioned to him were "too feminine"  which I totally didn't understand.  In my opinion they weren't feminine... lol.  I have always been the type that loves looking at baby names... ever since I was in high school I have been making a baby name list. :)  Sadly none of the names on that list Travis liked really... so we had to compromise! :) So this is what we came up with

Girl: Alaina Charlotte

Boy:  Nolan Harrison

I actually knew a girl named Elena... and ever since I was young I loved that name.  But I was afraid every time I said her name I would think of the other girl I knew... so I decided to change the spelling and sound slightly... and Travis like the A better.  Charlotte is the name of my Dad's mom...and I have always thought it was a classy elegant name.  Her middle name is actually Amelie...which is where I got my middle name! :)

Nolan was actually quite random in my eyes.  We were driving to Portland that day and I was reading names off in a baby book, and Travis stopped on Nolan and LOVED it.  Which suprised me... after saying it a few times... I really started to like it!  Plus I like Nole as a nickname too.  I could see a studly little high schooler named Nole! :)  Its hard picking baby names because you always have to think of the nicknames that could be created with it.  Like the above example... Carter the Farter. lol  Harrison might change we haven't fully decided yet.  we thought a 3 syllable name would work best with Nolan.  My Mom actually came up with the idea....  Harrison was the restaurant me and Trav went on our VERY first date... the night we actually met face to face! :)  I remember that night so well.. and i thought it would be cute, and it had meaning as well!

The other two names we were kind of going between were Annika for a girl and Abram for a boy.  But we decided on the above two.  If we have more babies, then we have backup names. haha Obviously we are drawn to A names. 

So what do you guys think.  

Thanks for reading!



Carah Amelie