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More Glamour Doll Eyes Pics



Sorry about the dark green swatch NOT on a base.  I got a little of the black base mixed in on accident..


Just wanted to post more pics for you guys so you can see them swatched etc.  Im loving these shadows so much.  They are perfect for those girls who love to play with color!  Prankster, Girlfriend Sweater, and Angel Wings are my fave out of the 6.  I think its because they are the most neutral and i can wear them everyday!  I would definitely recommend those 3 colors.  I definitely want to try more of these shadows, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase more! for a full review on these shadows check out my review page!

Here is the look I did with some of the colors.  The link to the video will be up soon.  I did this look for all of you girls going to prom... or any kind of formal dance! 

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