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Winter, You aren't welcome after Christmas.

Venting Alert!

I woke up this morning to ANOTHER snow day.  ANOTHER ONE... it's almost April.  I knew that my city was going to be like this when I moved here... but being that I am not a snow person what so ever makes it agonizing! lol.  I remember when I was little (we lived about an hour from where I am now)  We got snow on the 4th of July..... Yes you read that right.  I could seriously be one of those people that would enjoy living somewhere that is constantly HOT all the time.  People ask me if I would rather be too hot than too cold, and I always say HOT...when other people always seem to say cold.  I just don't understand it! haha.... I could seriously NOT see snow for the rest of my life and be 100% happy.... if Icould choose that right now I probably would.  I dont even think its really the cold that necessarily bothers me.  I just hate digging my car out in the morning and getting soaking wet before work, sliding through stop signs, and driving 2 hours to see my parents when it should only take 45 minutes.

Winter just seems like the mean and selfish season. lol.  Winter is the obnoxious, drunk, arrogant man that stays at the party WAYYY too long..drinks all your booze, crashes on the couch, pukes on the carpet, and eats all your food.  Then sweet little spring, summer and fall kindly push him out the door in the morning because they dont want to be rude.  But that is after he steals some of the freshly made pancakes and bacon.  That is until the next party, He shows up EARLY and already wasted.

Please Californians.. send us some sunshine love.  I am desperate for some vitamin A.  Maybe I should start bed tanning so I dont start suffereing from seasonal depression.  Sun? Skin cancer? Sun? Skin cancer?..... Skin cancer is starting to not sound so bad......

lol.... total sarcasm.... but seriously.


Carah Amelie