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Check Yourself

So, I would consider myself to be a pretty non judgmental person.  But for some strange reason... I can't get over RUDE people.  This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves of all time.  Even if its not to me, but to someone else.  Actually when people are rude to other people it almost makes me even more mad.  Especially if the person they are being rude to is super nice and sweet!!

Today I was at ROSS.  There was this Blonde Lady infront of me in line trying to return a little silver garbage can.  You could tell the lady behind the counter was just trying to help as best she could.  She was a very sweet lady, and she had a smile on her face the whole time.  I love those kind of people more than anything...  You know, the type that wouldnt hurt a fly if they had the chance.  Well.. that was this lady.  The Blonde Lady trying to return the item was being SO rude to her, rolling her eyes at everything, saying smart ass comments to her every chance she could... and they were completely unnecessary.  She was being the rudest snobbiest person I have ever seen, and I wanted to say something so bad.  Not like I would, I'm way to shy.. but still. lol. 

I just don't understand why some people think they can treat others this way anytime they want, and anytime their life isn't going perfectly.  I just want to record these people and show them the footage later... I guess they don't realize how horrible they look.  I feel like I am extremely nice like 99.5% of the time and just don't feel the need to be a huge bitch whenever I feel like things aren't going my way.  I guess that's what makes to world unique.... different personalities and all.  but to be honest, seeing that makes me SO happy that I am the way that I am.  I like making people feel better about themselves.  Why make someone feel super stressed out and worried for no reason.  Like this Lady couldn't spare 10 seconds of her life.... keep a smile on her face and say... "Oh no worries, no need to apologize, things happen!" I guess its the simple saying "treat people the way you want to be treated"  some people just don't get that theory.

I guess its because I HATE feeling stressed out and worried and anxious.  Its my nature NOT to want to make others feel that way because I hate feeling that way.  When I am put in a situation when someone is being rude to me and making me feel stressed and anxious... I dont feel like being rude back, Im the kind of person that wants to go to the back room and cry because Im VERY sensitive.  Why would I want to make someone else feel like that? I'm not saying I am perfect by any means.. yes I get frustrated at times... but I feel like I'm really good at checking myself.  Or maybe I'm just extremely laid back and I just don't really care much about things like that. lol.  I am always just smiling and whatever about things.  But like i said... seeing that lady and how she was acting today really made me thankful that I'm not like that.  Because I was embarrassed for her...and I just wanted to hug the lady behind the counter and tell her "You are doing an awesome job" lol >_<

Anywho.... Thats pretty much it. 

FYI, sometimes blogging is my venting mechanism... I'm not usually a pessimist AT ALL... but I write to let feelings out usually. haha. 


Carah Amelie