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Nursery Ideas!

So even though I don't know the sex of our munchkin yet... I still have been doing some research on the colors and decor I want to use in the nursery! :)  It doesn't hurt to start a little bit early right?  If there is one thing I have learned about decorating... its find 1 Pattern on a pillow, blanket, curtains, or rug, that has colors you love.... and decorate from there!  Also, I love to find a fun unique pattern... and then pair something simple like stripes...for an added texture/pattern...without going too overboard.  I used to be afraid of mixing prints.... like if I chose one patterned thing.. everything else had to be solid.  But I have gotten out of my comfort zone... and realized stripes go with almost any pattern! 

I found this amazingly fun website   You can design your own bedding by clicking and dragging... and I gotta say its a little addicting.  I don't know if I will order from it because its a little spendy, but its a fun place to play with color and pattern to figure out what kind of colors you want to go for.  So After debating on colors forever... these are the color palettes I'm really feeling at the mo! 

I tried to talk my husband into Navy Blue and Orange... but he so wasn't feeling that. lol.  I wanted to go with something that the boy could grow into.  I didn't want to use too much baby blue/babyish colors. lol.  I feel like navy and lime green are bold enough for a kid that's a little older as well!  The accents would be Tan and White... that way I can keep the tan walls we already have and then maybe paint one wall a different color! :)   


I was debating forever on what I wanted to do for a Girl.  There are SO many more options with girl decor.  But I finally decided that I wanted Black to be an accent because I love the boldness of it.  I love the pattern in the picture because it has some green, pink, yellowish tan, and white... which would be really easy to design the rest of the room around. Plus with this, the tan walls could stay the same, and i could do one wall pink, or even a light green! I love the pink striped sheets too.. totally cute with the bold print! 

Knowing me these will change again, and again, and again... but these are the colors ' feeling right now.  :)  What do you all think.  Also, if you had a baby, or you already do have a baby... what colors would you use to decorate?!  :)


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