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If I could grant everyone ONE power... it would be the power to live unselfconsciously!  The power to do what they wanted to make themselves happy, and to live their life for ONLY themselves and not other people.... WITHOUT thinking twice.  I have learned in my 25 years of life that this is THE MOST important thing anyone can learn...and practice. 

I get so many comments on Youtube, Formspring, my website etc... asking me if they should start a Youtube channel, but they are afraid of what people will think... or they are worried about their peers finding out.  I also get alot of people telling me they are unsure of what to do in life because there parents want them to do "this"... but they want to do "that" and they aren't getting the support! 

I have always considered myself a go getter type of person... I have always kind of done what I wanted to do... even if people do find out about it, even if I do get judged for it.... OR even if I get rejected... which has happened!  But I have learned that doing what  I WANT TO DO with my life..and taking ALL the risks of people not "understanding my actions"  or thinking I am weird... or disliking what I do is SOOOOOOOO SO SO SO worth it!  Even though some people might have thought my Youtube Channel was stupid at first, or awkward.  Or people not liking my artwork at my art shows... Or getting rejected at local model calls..... doing ALL of those things has made me so happy.  Its not even about money either... its about actual experiences and memories.

Sometimes I look at my life and I'm like... wow, where would I be right now if I hadn't started making videos.  Where would I have been right now if I wouldn't have followed my gut and quit a university to go to a community college to go to cosmo school..... Where would I be if I didn't put myself out there with my artwork, and get motivated to sell and promote my artwork.  I seriously have NO IDEA.  I could have easily said "Noooo, that's too much work, people will judge me, no one will like my art, my friends will find my videos, People will think I'm weak for quitting OSU!"  There were even times those thoughts went through my head... but I followed my gut, and now I'm sooooo happy! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is..... DON'T live your life for anyone else but yourself.  Your parents may think they know what's best for you in the long run.  If being a doctor or a lawyer isn't going to make you happy then why do it.  I feel like the main goal in life is to be happy.... period.  It's not to make the most money, have the best career, have everyone love you, be famous, have a white picket fence with a hot model husband.... its to BE HAPPY.  If living in a studio apartment in NYC broke but painting all day and selling your art sounds like the life for you... then do it, even if your parents don't approve, even if all your friends are going to a university, and even if people look down on you.  that's not what is important.  YOUR happiness is what's important and everyone has their own definition of happiness.

People say life is short... but I beg to differ.  Who cares if you are 40 and you want to go to culinary school! Who says you cant go to beauty school, art school, AND culinary school.  You dont have to do everything right now.  You are never to old to start any new endevor. 

I know I sound super sappy in this post, but this is really something that I have learned in my life because I always have gone after what I want.  I always follow my gut.  I always live unselfconciously (for the most part)  and I have always been the type to block out anyones negativity or judgements about my path in life.  Thats the amazing thing about life, you can do what you want to with it to make yourself happy! 

But you also have to remember, people aren't going to bring happiness to you on a silver platter either.  There will be opportunities for you to take... but its about TAKING them.  Not letting them pass you by and saying "Oh, I will do it next time"  "Maybe next year"  "I don't have the money or time" "I really want to do it, but its fine if I don't..." etc.