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Face of the Day: 4.13.2011




I wanted to go slightly darker than usual with my eye makeup today.  I usually don't put such a dark color on my lid because my eyes are so round... I feel like it makes my eyes look even MORE round.  But once I got my eye liner on It really made it look alot better! :)  



I got this palette from ELF free of charge with a coupon code when I ordered online sometime last year!  Its a great travel palette! you have almost EVERYTHING you need all in one palette which is awesome!

For my lid I used the warm golden brown you see in the top left corner of the palette!  Its very similar to Mulch by MAC.  For the crease/outer V I used the Black.. which is VERY pigmented... and kind of hard to use for that reason!  For the brow highlight I used the tan/taupe color you see on the left side of the palette in the right upper corner! 

This is a Sephora shadow in Aspen Summit.  This is one of my favorite inner corner colors.  I got it in my birthday bag for being a beauty insider at sephora! :)  I just layered this into the inner corner to really give my eye some brightness since the look is over all so dark!

For my cheeks I used one of my all time fave blushes from MAC called dolly mix, and for contour I used Golden Bronzer by MAC.

For lips Iwanted to go with something subtle because the eyes were so dark.  I decided to go with the ELF theme and went with Runway Pink lipstick, and then a Palladio herbal lip gloss in Pink Candy...which has great texture!

For my face I stuck with my Hard Candy foundaiton (see the review section to see what I think of it)  My MAC studio finish concealer and my MAC MSF natural for setting it all! :)

Im loving this look today!  Sometimes you just get in that mood to wear dark sultry eyes! :) I wanted to experiment today!  If you want to see a tutorial let me know!


Carah Amellie