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Favorite Spring and Summer Lipsticks

Too Faced Free Love:

I have had this lipstick for over 2 years I think, and I love it! But for some reason I tend to only pull it out on those sunny spring days.  It has a very light icy pink look to it, with shimmer! :)  Its very natural and nude and perfect for those neutral eye looks! :)


 MAC Cremecup: 

This is a gorgeous milky pink color that is super pigmented!  It gives your lips a very Barbie pink look without looking florescent and over the top.  I like this because its really neutral and simple, but it also has a tiny bit a flare that brings something unique to your look!!  The only thing I dislike about the Cream Sheens by MAC is the consistency... This lipstick is so soft, that I have almost broke it multiple times, and it always seems to bend backwards in the tube.  I have to be extremely careful when applying it.  But the color is beyond amazing!


Maybelline: Park Ave. Peach

I know alot of you guys already know I love this color more than anything, but I have alot of new followers that may not know this yet!  :)  Sadly this color is discontinued, but you can find it online if you look hard enough.  The PLUS side to this is MAC's See Sheer lipstick is an EXACT dupe and one of my all time favorite lipsticks!!  I love this because its red without being dark and sultry like you see in the winter holiday months.  It almost has a coral undertone, but at the same time you still look like you have a red lip when you wear it.  Its the PERFECT color.

Rimmel: Dizzy

This is a lipstick that I used in an old Katy Perry Valentines Day tutorial.  This is one of my favorite bright pinks!  It's super bright, with a tiny bit of shimmer, and the formula is SUPER moisturizing and pigmented!!  Its a cool toned pink as well which I really like!  Definitely a lipstick to check out at the drugstore!

Palladio: Precious

This is similar to Rimmel's Dizzy shade, but its slightly on the warmer side, and its a little lighter and a little more on the baby pink side.  I love this one as well.  Pink lips are always super in for spring and this one is a good price and very good quality! It would look amazing with a dark brown or black winged eye liner and a soft light cool brown in the crease!

 Covergirl: Rapture

I used this in my most recent spring makeup tutorial.  I LOVE this because it's coral, but on the verge of orange...which sounds weird I know.. but it's super unique without being really over the top!  Coral lips are going to be big as well!  These Cover Girl lipsticks are amazing quality also and I find them to be super moisturizing and VERY pigmented!  Not only that but it also has a slight bit of shimmer, and for some reason I find that it makes my lips look very full!


 Here are the swatches in order!

1. Too Faced: Free Love

2. MAC: Cremecup

3. Maybelline: Park Ave. Peach or MAC: See Sheer

4. Rimmel: Dizzy

5. Palladio: Precious

6. Cover Girl: Rapture

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