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Feelin' Sleek

Me and one of my favorite girls from the UK (JoyBunny24 on twitter or ) did a swap recently! :)  I sent her some wet n wild and she was kind enough to send me 2 sleek palettes because she knows I LOVE them! :)  She sent me over the bad girl palette and the sparkle palette!  I decided to bust out the bad girl palette today and did a fun eye look with it! :)  Here are some swatches and photos below!  I wish everyone could get their hands on these palettes! they are amazingly pigmented and super fun to play around with!!

Sleek Bad Girl Palette

Sleek Bad Girl Swatches! 

What I love about these palettes is they are very true to color and aren't muddy.  I hate when colors look super bright in the palette and then once you have them on your eye they are brownish grey.  These are not like that at all!! 


This is the eye look I did with the Bad Girl Palette today.  Please excuse the fact that I forgot to apply lipstick/gloss before this photo... haha, but its more about the eyes right! :)

Sleek Sparkle Palette

 Sparkle Palette Swatches

As you can tell, these colors have alot of glitter in them!  there are only 2 in the whole palette that aren't super glittery!  I love this one and could see myself using it alot for Halloween looks or runway avant garde type of things!


Thanks for reading!


Carah Amelie