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Seattle Trip!

I had such a blast in Seattle this weekend with my friends for my Bestie's bachelorette party! It was totally worth the 12 hours of driving! haha.  Sometimes you forget how much you need girl time until you actually get it.  We have been friends since well.... forever.  Me and the bride have been friends since preschool!  haha.  We all live in different parts of Oregon now, but we always make it a point to get together.  There are a few girls missing... which we missed... but it was still a blast! :)  I cant wait to go back with them again...when I am NOT preggo.  :)  Dont get me wrong, be pregnancy is amazing... but dancing in a club with a belly is pretty freakin awkward.... >_< 



Me and my friend Marlanea before we headed out!  Long drive ahead!!! :)

 Looked everywhere for a good happy hour place!  Finally we stumbled upon this little gem called cellars.  SO cute, and really yummy food!!  Too bad I had to stick with water. haha

I started out with a Caprese salad! SOOOO good, and pretty adorable plating :) 

The delicious cupcakes we scarfed down before we went out! haha.  I must say, I did a pretty good job for boxed cake mix.... You gotta love the fake flowers! :)


Right before we headed out!  Had to bust out the colored beads and the veil for the bride to be!  :) 

 First stop.... PINK!  :) Such a cute place!  Wish we could have stayed longer... but no one was dancing, so we decided to try a different place! :)

Me and my BFF shelbi (the bride to be) at Pink! :)

LOL, don't ask me why... but me and my friends always take pics like this!  Can you guess which one is me?

 Next stop.... Frontier.  This is how I usually look. LOL

My friend Tess dancing.  I know you don't know her, but I think this picture is awesome looking so I though I would post it anyways. haha

Morning Breakfast at Pikes Place Market (That's what its called right?)  SOOOOO delicious and hit the spot!  3 eggs over medium, hash browns, bacon and toast!  NOM NOM!

 The famous gum wall.... LOL, I would like to know how this got started.... :-P

I just couldn't help myself!! haha..... (btw.... the wall stunk really bad!) >_<

Left to right:  Shelbi, Tess, Me, Marlana, Samantha

 I have this strange obsession with Graffiti.... I find it so interesting to look at, and whenever I see a wall with TONS of it, I get the urge to take pics. haha

You gotta admit, thats pretty cool! :)

 Walking around the market! :)  SO FUN, but buuuuuuusy since it was memorial day!

Wanted to buy some fresh flowers so bad.... but I didnt think they would last the trip home.  SO beautiful and some only 5.00!

Final Picture! :)  Kind of fell in love with Seattle while I was there.  I had been there twice before... but this time I got to do alot of fun touristy stuff.... plus I as with all my friends which made it so much fun! :)  I will be doing a haul soon of some stuff i picked up! :) 

Thanks for reading! :)


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