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Birchbox Goodies

I was super excited today when I opened up my mailbox and saw a beautiful pink box!! :)  I had a couple subscribers tell me that this month was a good month, and I was excited to see why!!  Sure enough, they weren't lying! :)  Here are some photos!


As you can see from this photo, I got alot of VERY good sized products this month.  :)  The bronzer you see in the corner is by Laura Geller and its huge.  I wouldn't even consider it a deluxe sized sample. haha.  So that was a pretty cool surprise.  That alone was worth the $10.00 subscription fee this month! :)


You cant really tell from the first photo what color the bronzer is... but this swatch does it really great justice!  Its a very nice shimmery warm brown, perfect for that all over summer glow.  I'm so excited to try this tomorrow on my face! :)

The perfume on the right is by Kate Spade and its called twirl.  I haven't been SUPER happy with all the perfumes that have been sent via Birchbox, but this one smells amazing!! totally a me scent.  Not overly sweet, but also not overly musky and mature.  its a great balance... and has alot of floral undertones! I will definitely be wearing this alot!

The orange packets are sunscreen towelettes.  Sounds interesting to me.  But I don't have much to say until I try them out of course. haha

I was excited about these products as well.  The top one is a face toner.  It comes with a spray pump which i thought was interesting.  I have used these in salons when I used to give facials, but never on me.  Instead of using a cotton ball with toner... you just spray it on your face!! definitely a fast method.  :)  the bottom product is an oil for skin and hair.  I personally don't like putting oils in my hair much... unless its Moroccan oil before I blow dry... but I will give this a try.  :)


If you are unfamiliar with what birchbox is..... its basically a monthly subscription that costs 10.00 a month.  Mid month you will receive 4-5 highend deluxe sized smaples to try.  You also get the chance to earn points by reviewing the products that you can spend towards full sized products! :) 

Here is the website if you are at all interested!

Thanks for reading!

Carah Amelie