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Rose Festival Fun!

So as some of you know... we went to Portland this past weekend.  We kind of completely forgot that it was the Rose Festival... but were excited, because even though I lived there for 5 years... I had never been!  Crazy I know. haha.  Basically it's just like a fair/carnival right on the waterfront in Portland.  Its so much fun, and they always have a huge Parade... which I have never seen either.  >_<  Anyways... Here are some pics of the weekend! enjoy!

This is one of the floats from the Parade.  They put them on display so everyone can see them if they missed the parade.  All the floats were made of seeds! :)  It was very cool!


 First game.  Me and Trav both tried.  We really wanted an angry bird..... LOL.  Too bad it was like 6 tickets for one dart.  Ridiculous.  We both lost. haha


My loser face...... Sad Panda


Me and my mom played out fave game ever.... the bowling ski ball game!  Im not that good at it, but you had to get a 150 to win a little stuffed animal.  I LOVED the giraffe... so I decided I would play until I got a Large one. hahaha


 Winner winner, chicken dinner!


YAY!! Won Alaina her first carnival toy!! :)


Travis named him Ichigo. lol.... dont ask. 


 Travis's turn to try to win Alaina a Carnival toy.  This was his winning shot!!!


Of course he had to out do me.  :(  I still think Alaina will like Ichigo the Giraffe.  Size doesn't always matter.... lol.  *cough* that's what she said.....


Lets just say he was really proud..... LOL


I love this photo.  Its my Dad's new buddy. hahaha


Next stop, Saturday Market.  One of my Subbies said she was there that day.... I was hoping I would run into her... but I didn't. :(


Such a nice day! Everyone was out!!  Saturday Market was super busy!!!!  But I needed to get off my feet.  My whole body hurt all over!  >_<  Too much walking for this prego in one day. haha.  Off to get some food and rest my feet.


Trav at Rock Bottom Brewery!!  SO delicious.  This is exactly what we needed!


 Off my feet.... BUT all Icould see across the street was Nordstrom Rack...... yeah, that was the next stop. hahaha.  I cant help myself sometimes.


Such a fun weekend! thanks for reading! Let me know if you like these personal posts like this.  :)



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