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IMATS 2011

IMATS was such an awesome experience... I cannot WAIT for next year!  As some of you may know, I ended up getting VERY sick over the weekend.... and lost my voice completely on both Saturday and Sunday of IMATS.  WORST possible timing ever and I was super upset about it.  Mostly because I couldn't talk to my subscribers and other gurus like I wanted to.  I felt like I had to hold back.... and people weren't able to see the real me. :(  I really didn't want people to think I was being snobby or short, I just simply couldn't speak. haha.  I also had to miss some really fun events with other beauty gurus on Saturday because my voice was gone completely.  It wasn't really the way I was planning for the weekend to go.... but I was thankful that I even got to be there in the first place!  I met so many amazing people.... and I seriously wanted to talk to everyone forever!  I also burned a slight hole in my wallet. haha.  If you ever plan to go to IMATS just know one thing.... you CANT go without buying something...... or alot of things.  Its pretty much impossible. haha.  It was so nice being with my Mom and being able to share it with her.  She really wants to go next year as well... but I think I will also drag Travis along too. :)  I will have Alaina next year... so I will need the extra hands! :-P  Thanks to everyone who came to say Hi!  If you want to see your pic in my IMATS vid PLEASE send it to me here:


Here are some pics of the weekend! Enjoy!


This was one of the most amazing transformations at the show!! it was so awesome!  I thought of my hubby when I saw it!!


Me and My Mom stopped by Sephora the day before IMATS!  There has been this foundation I have been wanting to buy forever, and I finally did.  You guys will LOVE it.  I plan to do a review/demo with it!



Lunch at a cute little restaurant called Bar Celona.  They served the BEST tapas ever!  I got a virgin mango mojito to drink and it was bomb.  I would definitely go back to that restaurant! :) 


My Mom and MJ :) 


Shopping around old Pasadena with my Mom.  So much fun!! Although this is when my sickness really started to kick in!! >_<


 Hat shopping.  :)  I want a hat like this, but I have yet to find one that I like. 


Me and Heather123... she is GOOOOORGEOUS.  and her fashion vids are amazing! Definitely check her out!


Me and Lette_76..... she is amazing at makeup!  Her eye makeup us always so gorgeous! Love this girl.... and she recently had a baby too.... so we have that in common as well! :)


Me and NaturesKnockout (Tiff and Laurie).  I freaking LOVE these two more than anything.  I could have walked around with them all weekend.  You meet them and you feel like you have known them forever.  I got lunch with them on Sunday which was awesome.  I cant wait until next year.  I know for sure we will be getting together again!


Me and JUDY from ItsJudyTime! OMG this girl is probably one of the nicest most genuine "bigger" gurus on Youtube.  She makes you feel so welcome! I cant get over how sweet she is.  She is definitely the one girl I would really like to get to know better!!  Plus we live fairly close to each other. 


Hmmm.... At least my face found the light in this shot.  lol.  Me and the infamous Kandee Johnson.  :)  Me and My Mom were out walking old pasedena and she was there just hanging out with her Mom and Cupcake!!  I was excited I got to talk to her for a while.  She is suuuper sweet and positive, you cant help but smile when you talk to her.  And Elyse is the cutest little baby EVER!


Me and JessikaMaexo!  I was really excited to meet her...and I was not going to leave IMATS until I did. HAHA!  she is so gorg, and I'm so excited for next year when Me, Her, and Kayleigh can hang out all weekend! :)


 YAY! last but not least.... EleventhGorgeous!  These girls are so nice and so were there husbands!  I was really excited to meet them as well, and are soooo beautiful in person! 

Its so crazy meeting people you watch on youtube all the time.  Everyone looks so different than they do on Youtube.  haha.... not in a bad way.... but its just crazy. LOL.  I cant wait until next year when I'm well and healthy ^_^


Carah Amelie