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Summer 2011 Forever 21 Picks

I have done posts like this in the past, and I think they are fun.  Even if you don't go out and buy these exact pieces, its still a good way to get inspiration... or see styles that I like for summer (if i wasn't sporting a giant belly of course! haha)  All of these pieces were found on the Forever 21 website on July12th 2011 just so you get an idea of whether or not you will be able to find them or not. :)  Enjoy! :)


Bright colored tanks are definitely a must this summer!! Color blocking is big, and these are the perfect place to start!  Tuck them into a high waistedskirt of a complementary color and you will be set to go.  Or pair them with colorful denim shorts!!


I LOVE this romper! its simple, but has a really nice shape, and has a nautical feel.  This is perfect for summer!  you could pair this with almost any color and it would look great! 


I love these shorts, they are simple so you can wear them withanything!  Take any bright colored tank and tuck it in, and add a skinny vintage belt witha fedora, and you will be set! :)  Or you could dress them up witha white chiffon blouse tucked into the front with a tan leather belt and chunky heels!  ADORABLE.  these are so versatile!   


This is another great addition to your color blocking collection.  Having a collection of vivid colored belts is a must!  Its so fun pairing different colors together to get different looks!


One of my biggest obsessions right now is HUGE gold chains.  Whether its on your neck or wrist... they can make any outfit for funky and fun.  I especially love the look of Navy blue and white stripes witha funky gold chain to dress it up.  There are SO many different things you can do with gold chains.  Im still on the search for my perfect chunky gold necklace.  I have yet to find one that I love... but im on a search! :) My hubby recently bought me a chunky gold boyfriend watch for our anniversary which gives the same affect!


I love this ring!! Its so bohemian and would go with almost ANYTHING for spring and summer!  The roses are so cute, and I have a thing for double finger rings!  SO CUTE!


I love this top for summer because its flowy and loose.  Wearing this off the shoulder with a tank underneath would be so cute! :)  If you live in a really hot climate, this would be nice for a night out with a cute pair of dressy black shorts!  But the nice thing about this top is you could completely dress it down as well.  you could give it a boho flare with a fun head scarf, lots of bracelets layered up, or a cute fedora.... my favorite accessory! :)


If you have been watching my videos for a long time, then you have seen my huge ring that i wear almost everyday.  I love this because it reminds me alot of that ring.  This is a statement in itself and would look great with some big earings or a funky necklace!


Okay okay.... you know I couldn't do this post without at LEASE one fedora.  I am so tempted to buy this you have no idea.  I love the feathers.  Anything with feathers this summer is a must!  :)


Tie dye is also a fun trend for this summer as well!  this top would look great with those high waisted shorts shown above!  I love this because it looks so casual and relaxed... TOTALLY my style during the summer.  Plus its a nice light material to keep you nice and cool!


How cute are these?  Like alot of you know, Im not really a pink girl... but for some reason I want these pink heels SOOOO BAD! haha.  These shoes would look so cute with so many different things!  I cant even really tell you why I like them so much, I just do. haha


Im loving this white dress!  Its classic elegant and perfect for all those summer weddings we are all attending! :)  My all time fave combo is white and teal, so a fun teal statement necklace or earings would be amazing with this.  But simple gold accessories like you see here looks great too!  This is one of those dresses you could have in your closet forever.  You could also pair it with a cardi and belt the waist of both for those cool summer evenings.


Im am pretty much obsessed with maxi skirts this summer.  Mostly because Im preggo... BUT they look SO cute on non pregnant girls as well.  I love the pattern on this one... and I absolutely love how they belted it at the waist!  I definitely think owning at least one maxi skirt this summer is a must!


 I love these hippy head scarf things.  I just wish I could pull them off.  I have a really small skinny head, so I always feel like when i wear things like this i have a pin head.  haha.  BUT if you don't suffer from tiny head syndrome like me... then I would definitely pick this up.  I LOVE the pattern and color of this.  Im loving this orange color this year!


Sorry for the bad pic of these shoes... I saved the wrong one to my computer. haha..... anywho.  I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE and I really am debating on picking them up.  This teal color is very in this season (makes me think of the teal nail trend)  Having a pair of bright colored heels like this is fun because again.... it fits with the color blocking trend... OR you could just add a pop to a simple neutral outfit!


 I LOVE this...especially for the area I live.  It always gets a little chilly here at night even in the summer... so this is perfect for a night out with shorts like you see in the pic.  I love the fit and cut of this, and the belt around the waist finishes it off so well!


Messengers are big this summer because of the casual feel that they have.  I love the color of this because it would go with alot.  you can take off the strap for an arm bag for a dressier look... or add the strap back on for a casual look!  it's very universal.... LOVE it! :)


These are a perfect summer flat!  I love the metallic color of these and the fun detailing on the toe!!  These look very high end, but they are a very affordable price.  These would also go with alot of different things... but also, paired with the right outfit...could really give it a pop!  They are simple yet unique at the same time which I love!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are inspired! Let me know what your favorite piece is for this summer... or what your favorite summer trend is this year! :)


Carah Amelie