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Fall and Winter Lipstick Picks

So as some of you know, I did a spring and summer lipstick picks post.... so I thought I would keep the tradition going and do one for fall and winter! :)  These are the lipsticks that I think I will be wearing alot in the fall and winter.  Some are a little more dramatic which of course would require a lighter eye, but some are perfect for a nude lip and dramatic eye!  Definitely try a few of these out for these coming seasons.... to me they scream Holidays! :)

fall lippies edit 1.jpg
fall lippies edit2.jpg
fall lippies edit swatch.jpg

Colors from Left to Right:

Clinique: Nude Beach(this is a great soft light brown.... it doesn't have alot of pink undertones even though it kind of looks that way in the photos!)

Revlon: Rose and Shine(This is a nice cool shimmery slightly purple pink color... this is a great nude color with some flare)

Makeup Forever: Rouge Artist Intense in 42 (I would call this the basic red.  Bright and right in between cool and warm!  a definite must have!)

MAC: Spice it Up(I would say this is probably my favorite choice for fall.  It has a very merlot brick red type of feel... but at the same time its kind of sheer so its not too intense!  I know Im going to be wearing this color alot!)

NYX: Dusty Rose (This is another soft pink mauve type of color.... I would almost consider this a "my lips but better color" but slightly more intense! :)

MAC: Cream in my Coffee (This is in my opinion the perfect mauve!  As most of  you know I like hug me by MAC... this reminds me of that... just a little more opaque and pink)

Rimmel: Vintage Pink (This is great if you used a bright but sheer berry lip gloss over the top!  It would be the deep pink berry color that we all love!)

Loreal: Amber(I have had this lip stick forever!  I LOVE it for these coming months!  its a sheer golden color that isn't intense at all... it just gives your lips a soft tint of color.  It looks amazing with brown smokey eyes.  One of my go to lipsticks!

Revlon: Grape (This was used in my "plum berry lips for fall" video... I love it because its dark and sultry!  You could also go for revlons color in wine as well... this one is just a little more glossy and less matte)

What are your favorite lipstick colors for fall?  I would love to hear your recommendations!


Carah Amelie