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Night Out

I love this outfit for going out.  This is the perfect look for you bohemian glamour girls like me.  I like to look put together, but at the same time I like the boho look as well.  Its very Nichole Richie if you ask me... which is awesome, I love her style!   


t I find myself doing alot when I'm creating a look on polyvore is using mint green clutches as an accent.  I think its time I invest in one since I use them so much on the website. haha. Mint green goes with a lot of different things.  I love this look because its every feminine and elegant,  but has a little bit of edge with the leather jacket and black heels! this is a perfect date outfit.

shine power

The main thing I like about this outfit is the green pumps.  I absolutely LOVE the emerald green tone to them. As you read above.... You see a lot of mint green these days and sometimes I get a little tired of it..... key word: SOMETIMES! haha.  Having one shoe like this in your wardrobe is a must because it can take the most bland outift and make it so much for fun and unique!

If you have never been to

you should definitely check it out!! It's so much fun when you are bored.  It's like shopping without spending money! :)  You can also make interior design sets as well! :)  Perfect for people redoing their bedrooms! :)  If you want to follow me, my link is...

I put all my sets on my blog... so if you don't want to make an account on polyvore you will see them here! :)  Let me know what your link is and I will follow you!


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