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Best Hair Awards 2011

Who do you think had the best hair in 2011??  Katy Perry, Jennifer Anniston, Nicki Minaj?  We saw everything from dip dyed ends to ombre locks!  These are my picks for the best hair of 2011!!!  Can you guess who is on the list??  Keep reading to find out!



Taylor swift is a top choice for sure!! Not only does she prove that curly hair is sexy... but edgy and fun as well!!  Girls if you have curly hair... embrace it!  I feel like Taylor swift is the next Carrie Bradshaw.  Inspiring girls all over the world to WANT crazy curls!!  Not only are they super uniform and perfect, they also have that fluff that is so awesome!! I don't know about you guys... but I would LOVE to have this hair!



Ombre hair was HUGE this past year.  As I was looking at photos of all the celebrities that sported this look in 2011, Hilary Duff was by far the best.  A lot of the looks were too harsh.  The transition wasn't smooth and the colors contrasted way too much.  Hilary's is soft and that transition is very slow!! Perfect ombre look!



This one may surprise a few of you.  I think Evan Rachel Wood doesn't get enough attention in the media.  This girl is always polished and flawless on the red carpet and is always sporting the most elegant 50's looks.  This color is beyond beautiful and the style is to die for.  I don't know about you... but every time I see this girl I go gaga over her hair... and her whole look over all. 

kim k.jpg


How could I not include Kim Kardashian!! This is for all you glamour girls out there.  Her hair is by far the most seen mimicked on Youtube... and one of the styles I get requested most.  How couldn't  you want this thick dark brown hair with perfect curls!! I think deep down... everyone wishes they could wake up with this hair everyday.  It's classic, elegant, and definitely sexy all in one.



How could you not love this short funky bob on Scarlet Johansson.  People like her trick all of us into thinking short hair would look amazing on us.  I love the loose waves and the "just got out of bed" look she has going on.  Its so effortless but elegant at the same time.  She definitely pulled off this look in 2011! 



Dip dyed ends are something you saw here and there in 2011.  They didn't really start picking up until later in the year... but I would still consider this a fun trend last year.  With all the colored hair that we saw in 2011 on Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga... this is something that we can all do that is a little more wearable.  Lauren Conrad pulled this off perfectly.  She is the one that caught peoples attention.  These colors are so much fun and definitely something to try!

Who do you think had the best hair in 2011?? If you hosted your own 2011 best hair awards.. who would get first place??