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Style Spotlight - Printed Jeans

Printed Jeans

Printed Jeans:

Colored Jeans were a big trend this summer and spring.  Even though that trend has made a fall transition.... what you should really be looking for is printed jeans!  You are seeing this trend all over in stores!  From higher end shops like Macy's and Nordstrom, to cheaper stores like Ross and TJ Maxx!  Printed Jeans are so fun to style and give you a little bit of flare in an area you are used to keeping pretty simple.  

Styling Tips:

Keep the rest of your outfit simple!! For everyday I would recommend not mixing prints.  Not saying it isn't doable... but its definitely less challenging!  If you want to try mixing prints, you only have to keep one thing in mind.  

Keep one big and the other one small.

 If the flowers on your jeans are big, keep the stripes on your shirt small... and vise versa! 

I personally like to keep it simple with a solid top and shoes... and then adding a statement accessory like necklace or earrings!  Check out the picture below to see my perfect version of this outfit!

printed denim

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Keep a lookout on my youtube channel (carahamelie03) for a video showing more outfits with printed jeans!  My friends Kayleigh and Ann are in on it too!! It should be a good one! :)


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