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BEST Product for Dry and Chapped Lips

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I have been struggling with dry chapped lips lately.  It was so bad they were almost blistering and the sides were cracking which we all know is painful.  I asked you guys what your favorite product was for dry lips and I got so many recommendations!  I felt like no matter what I did, no lip balm or chap stick was working AT ALL!  I figured I was dehydrated so I started drinking A LOT more water which I think helped a little bit... especially for preventing it.  As far as healing them.... it wasn't doing the job.  

I was completely stuck on ideas and thought I would have chapped lips forever.  This is where it gets interesting... and I swear, I dont know how I never thought of this before!!!  It's genious!!

To make a long story short.  Little buggy got a nice hefty cut on her face two days before her professional pics. Instead of rescheduling again.. for the 100th time.  I thought I would just pick up some Neosporin and hope it fades!  As I was applying to her cheek I thought... 'HEY, this would make great lip balm!!'  Sure enough... My lips were healed by the next morning... completely!


I swear... This stuff is a miracle worker for dry, chapped and blistering lips and I never once thought about using it as a lip balm.  My lips were no joke almost 100% healed in 1 day!!  It was crazy!! Definitely pick this up if you are struggling with this like I was.  I think alot of people instantly think "lip balm" or "chap stick" when thinking about dry lips... and sometimes it's hard thinking out of the box.  But this is my new secret weapon!!  Let me know if I am just new on this Neosporin as lip balm boat! I think its pretty genius... but who knows, I might be a little behind here. haha.


Carah Amelie