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Hey Guys! :)  So I wanted to do a quick blog post of some fashion items I have been obsessing over so far this year!  I LOVE fall because the fashion is so fun and I love layering.  But, I have to say... it recently became more winter here, with lots of snow!  haha.  

Current Fall Obsessions

1) Jewel Tones - Emerald and Ox Blood are the in colors this year, and I LOVE it!!!  I have always been into rich colors like this.. and I am definitely the type of person to pull for jewel tone colors over bright colors or neons! They definitely have a classy Appeal to them! 

2) FRINGE! - I have been in love with my fringe minnotonkas this year! I have them in black and I would love to get them in the tan shade!  I don't know what draws me to fringe boots so much.  The ones shown above are absolutely perfect... but probably far to expensive for me. haha

3) Studs and Studded Flats - Studs are really big this year no matter what you put them on.  I have to say though... my favorite studded item this fall are loafers and boots!  They are so casual and comfortable... but because they are studded it dresses them up a bit, and gives them edge! :)

4) Leopard Scarf - I have been wearing out my leopard scarf this year!  Its such a fun pop of pattern and texture to any simple outfit!! Plus leopard is usually considered a neutral... so it's easy to pair with color!  

5) Bandage Skirts - I have been LOVING pairing bandage skirts with tights, boots, and sweaters!  I think its just about the cutest combo ever.  I just bought a really cute tribal one from forever 21... and I can't get enough of it.  I will be sure to post an outfit soon!

6) Flat combat or moto boots - I have been really into boots that are chunky flat and ankle length.  Whether it be motorcycle inspired or combat.. I love the casual feel.  With a good pair of tight skinny jeans and sweater... you can't go wrong.

7) Fitted Leather Jacket - I recently got a really nice fitting leather jacket from  I have been pairing it over chunky sweater... and it looks SO CUTE and keeps you really warm too! :)  Its been my go to coat for the last few weeks!!! The one pictured above is a perfect example!

8) Gold necklaces! - Whether they are short and chunky, long and delicate or extremely detailed.... I am always wearing something gold around my neck.  It goes so well with the trends and colors right now.  I have about 5 statement gold necklaces and I never have a problem pairing them with any of my fall outfits!

9) Plum and red lips - We all know rich lip colors are always in for the holidays and colder seasons, but dark plum is GORGEOUS this year!  It has this "vampy" feel which I love and with my pale skin and dark hair... I think it can look really cool!  

10) Stud Earrings - Okay... I know that sounds lame, but I have never been a "stud" wearer until recently.  I bought a huge pack of big crystal studs in all different colors and I have been loving them.  Specifically black. 

11) Beanies - I used to be a huge wearer of beanies a couple years ago.  Last year I took a break on them, and this year I am back on the train.  I bought a Kelly Green one at H&M earlier this year and its AMAZING.  they are perfect to put on with a boring outfit to make it a little more interesting.

12) Chunky but Fitted Bracelets - Okay, I'm quite specific with this little trend.  I love wearing a lot of unique bracelets... BUT they have to fit a certain way.  If you get arm candy that fits your wrists snug, it looks so much cleaner and put together.  I have been wearing a lot of gold and black around my wrists lately and been loving it!