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Christmas Wish list 2012

Hey Peeps! :)  Last year I did a lot of wish list posts this time of year and I thought it would be helpful for you guys! Especially if you are struggling to pick out some creative gifts for your friends! These are some things I would love to get this year and I would love to hear in the comments what you want!!!

This is a lip gloss that I have been wanting for a couple years now.  Why I haven't picked it up, I don't know. This is Over Indulgence by MAC! One of my friends has it and my Mom has it.... and it always looks amazing on them.  It's one of those lip colors that I always notice and ask people about when they wear it.  It's nude, but it also has a coral undertone which is SO pretty!  This is a definite must for my collection... and one of those colors that would look good on pretty much anyone!


This is something that I want SO bad.  I am the only person that drinks coffee in my family.  Travis hates it!! I find myself wasting so much coffee!  I always make too much and it's annoying to have to go though all the steps to have one cup of coffee in the morning! (Call me lazy! lol).  This would make life so much easier for me!  I also think... in my situation it would be cheaper too!  


Coach Poppy Perfume: This is something that I have loved for a long time too... but again never purchased it.  I don't really buy perfumes for myself.... Usually my husband does or someone else.  This one is really sweet and fruity.  TOTALLY a "Me" scent.  I love anything super sweet and sugary... and this is definitely that!  Next time you are in Macy's you have to smell it! I garuntee you will want to find someone to buy it for! :)


I have seen these on Pinterest multiple times and LOVE them every time I see them.  I went into Womens Foot Locker the other day and saw them in person and fell in love even more!  I have been meaning to get a gym membership lately.... and getting these would really motivate me I think.  Plus on lazy days, I love wearing my yoga pants and Tennis shoes.  :)



Starbucks Verismo: This is something that I am trying to decide on.  I want the Keurig, but this would be nice because I AM OBSESSED with lattés from Starbucks.  I have to say, Starbucks is my favorite coffee place and I think their coffee has the best flavor.  This would save me a lot of money too.  I have had latte machines in the past but never used them because they were too difficult and annoying to use. I think this is just a push of a button type of machine that would make life really easy.  I am all about easy. haha.


My husband got me a gold Michael Kors watch for Christmas last year... and wear it almost everyday!  I am definitely a gold person over silver! BUT, every once in a while I go with silver.  I don't need anything expensive.. but a fun silver watch would be nice on days that I don't wear gold accessories.   Target has a lot of really cute inexpensive watches and Macy's have some cheaper ones too!  Great gift idea for almost any female!



Okay, so if you are an avid follower of me, you know I have the WORST eyelashes ever.  I hate them.  They are really short and stick straight... they don't hold a curl for the life of me.  I have been dying to try Latisse forever!  But, some subscribers have told me that this is perscription only... so Rapid Lash would be good for a gift.  This stuff really works too... my friend used it for a long time and her lashes were crazy long!!  I REALLY hope this is under the tree for me this year!  Also, this isn't good to use while you are pregnant and because we aren't planning to try anytime soon, it would be the perfect gift until the next munchkin!



LOL, okay, this is random I know but I have a reason.  I went to the Oregon Ducks football game with Travis and his family last weekend and it was FREEZING cold by the time night hit.  I dressed really warm and wasn't too cold, but my feet were pretty much painfully numb... and yes, painfully numb is possible! I thought for sure I had frost bite on my feet.  The only problem was, I could wear my Ugg Boots because they aren't waterproof and if you live in Oregon you KNOW that it rains all the time in certain areas.  These aren't something I would wear all the time.. but it would be nice to have in my closet for times like that!  These babies are from Target and what I like about them is the fur and the fact that they are ankle height, not calf height.  :)  Plus I think they would be cute with leggings a big cozy sweater and a festive scarf!  What do you think? 

I hope this post gave you some ideas for loved ones you are buying for this year!! I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving!  



Carah Amelie