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Bug in the Leaves - 10-31-12

I swear... sometimes time just flies by and I seriously have no idea where it goes. lol.  I must have been extra busy lately.  Sometimes catching every moment of my princess and balancing Youtube and my website can be hard.... and then a week goes by and I realize I have not done a thing! haha.  Please understand that if I do have a lul here and there... I will always be back with a vengeance! :)  A lot of times if I take a break, I'm ready to go full force with outfit posts and blog posts everyday!

This was my second Halloween with Alaina.  However... she was only about 3 months last year so I don't know how much that counts.  This year we actually dressed her up and took her out trick or treating!  Last year we dressed her in a kitty hat and took her to the neighbors! :)  She was an owl this year... and an adorable owl at that.  We got her costume at Old Navy.... which have the CUTEST costumes ever... and they aren't over done like the carters brand. 

It was a pretty nice day... and all the leaves were freshly fallen so I had to take her out for some pictures! :)  I have to say, it's days like this that I am so glad I have a DSLR.  Even though I don't know how to work all the cool features. haha.

I just wanted to share some of the pictures taken from that day because I thought they were SO adorable.  She is getting so big and learning so much everyday.  She is working on animal noises right now.  She can do a Cat, Cow, and Lion.  I wouldn't consider her a pro yet.... but I swear I can hear a growl... and a mooooooo. lol

small leaves1.jpg
small leaves2.jpg
small leaves3.jpg
small leaves4.jpg
small leaves5.jpg
small leaves6.jpg
small halloween.jpg

 TO WATCH THE VIDEO FROM THIS DAY CLICK BELOW!! and please subscribe to my vlog channel to see more of Buggy and Travis! :)


Thanks for reading!

p.s.  I also wanted to quickly apologize for the excessive spamming happening in the forum section.  I keep getting idiots pasting huge long paragraphs of nonsense of every thread and I'm trying to figure out how to stop that.  


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