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Style Spotlight - High Heel Sneakers

Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight




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Two years ago I was dying for the Ash Virgin high heel sneakers for Christmas!  I was so surprised when my husband surprised me with them! I had no idea he was going to get them for me.  Ever since then, I have loved them.  They are were a little bit unique at the time, and something that you didn't see too often.  Now, high heel sneakers have become a new craze and you see them everywhere!  I personally love this look.  I am partial to neutral colors personally.  I figure if you are going to go with a funky style, keep the color simple.  But that's just me :)  I think it's so adorable with a cute pair of skinnies (Tight but slightly on the long bunched up side...and distressed), a baggy v-neck and scarf to pull the look together.  It gives off that relaxed vibe that I love.  I picture it as the perfect "airport look". What do you guys think of this trend?  Is it something you would rock... or are you going to pass on this one? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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