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So as some of you may know, I have been a little frustrated with youtube because not all of my subscribers are seeing my uploads!!! Here is the problem you might be having with me.. or your other favorite youtubers!

1) On your Main Youtube Page.... click the link on the left side that says "my subscriptions"  

2) Then, on the top right of your subscription box you will see a link that says "Manage Subscriptions"... Click that!

3) On the right side of everyone's names you will see 2 sets of boxes.

          - The one on the right is (Show uploads only)

          - The one one the left is (Show all activity)

4) Click whatever one you prefer.  If you click all activity you will see everything the person does... including liking, commenting and subscribing!

5) Scroll through ALL (EVERY SINGLE ONE) of your subscribers and look to see if either one of those boxes IS CHECKED!!!!!

          - If this neither box is checked.. you will not see their videos.... and some uncheck without you knowing!

6) There is no save button.... but they will save.

I checked mine out to see if any of my subscriptions were missing a check, and sure enough... about 10 were. And I wasn't seeing their vids.  I did not uncheck them myself.  

A lot of people are saying that I was unchecked!!

Spread the word!