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Spring Fashion Trends 2012

Spring Fashion Trends 2012

My thoughts:

I'm looking forward to expanding my wardrobe for this up coming spring.  I am loving the trends that are going to be in style but I feel like mine will have a boho flare to it.  I'm especially loving the pleats, neon, sherbet colors, gold chains, lace, white on white, the ankle tapered slacks/pants, and colorblocking.  I love the brightness of the upcoming season... it gives off such a cheerful happy feel! I love it!  Some things from last spring that I will be transitioning into this year is fringe, nude shoes/pumps, fedoras, chiffon/sheer tops, and layered bracelets, and flare/bell bottom jeans.  I'm not quite done with those trends.  I think mixing the new trends with the old will give me a look all my own and I'm so excited to experiment!! 

What styles are you most excited to try this coming spring?!? 


Carah Amelie