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Drugstore Dupe - Coral Red Lipstick

As a lot of you know, one of my favorite MAC lipsticks is See Sheer.  It is absolutely the most perfect spring/summer red.  It's not to dark or bright and perfect for everyday! As you can tell it is a well loved lipstick.  I found a dupe to this already in Maybelline.  It was the color Park Ave. Peach.  It was almost exactly the same... and I swore I would never need to buy the MAC one again.  But of course... they discontinued it just about as fast as I found it.  I was cruising the beauty isle at Target and came across this little beauty.  It's not exactly the same as See Sheer, but its pretty darn close. 


Revlon: Coralberry  and MAC: See Sheer


TOP: Revlon Coralberry

Bottom:  MAC See Sheer

As you can tell MAC's is a little on the oranger side and the Revlon one is a little pinker.  But not by much.  The MAC one is also a little glossier... and goes on your lips a little bit more sheer.  The Revlon one is more matte.  They both don't have any shimmer or glitter and when I wear them I can't tell a difference on the lips.


This is definitely a color I would pick up this spring!!  It's a most worn in my collection.... and there is nothing better than paying a little less for a color just as beautiful!!!

Thanks for reading,

Carah Amelie